The Art of VEX Robotics

Why is VEX Robotics so important and COOL?

Hands on experience is always a great essential opportunity for middle school, high school and university students engage into a realistic approach to learning. Learning has always been quite a vague term for the new trend in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) experience. Robotics, by all means, is the heart of STEM education because a participating VEXTeam is responsible  for designing, building, programming and evaluating every aspect involved in their robot. . Finally, in addition to robotic & programming technical skills, it is always important to develop and practice soft skills like teamwork, leadership, problem- solving and many more! 

All the skills learned throughout building the robot and working as a team can be taken into competing on a national level in Lebanon. Teams from all over Lebanon gather to compete in a challenging yet fun and vibrant experience. Middle school, high school and university teams compete against other teams in their categories. It has been noticed during the competition day, that senior competing students has been giving instructions to junior ones , which is encouraging to see that youth are coming together on developmental and challenging aspects. Finally, excellence award winners from each of the middle school, high school and university divisions are invited to compete in the U.S.A in the largest international robotics competition! Now how cool is that?! 

Use VEX IQ starter or super kit to build a cool V-Rex! This cool robot will definitely impress teachers and family members.